Almost 3 years later and still standing tall

The end of March, 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. I was given one round of chemo which damn near killed me, two hospitalizations and over 30 pounds of weight gone…None of that had to take place.

I switched treatment from this clinic due to my being hospitalized twice due to complications from a pleurex cather which had been surgically inserted internally (my choice, as I was having to go frequently to have a thoracentesis every 2-3 weeks…Oh those are fun….ahhhh not so much) so that I could drain off the fluids at home that would accumulate in my lungs, as well as that first round of chemo. The first hospitalization was because of what the doctor said was the largest blood clot he had ever seen….My son who is an RN told me “You, dodged a bullet Mom”……..Indeed I did…….The second hospitalization was from a lung infection and pneumonia brought on by the pleurex catheter………….Between the chemo and catheter……Oh my goodness what a miserable time…Painful, really sick, couldn’t eat, throwing up, rapid weight loss, and so fatigued I could barely put one foot in front of the other…..Yet, I was still so thankful to be alive…

After those two hospitalizations in my local hospital I decided to switch my treatment to where I am going now…………..They saved my life……….My first appointment with my new oncologist asked me if I had ever had a lung biopsy……I explained the former oncologist had said we probably need to do one, but he never did and I never questioned him….I take part of the blame, a little bit, but here’s someone who is certified in his field of expertise, who should known a lung biopsy was needed………and yet he didn’t do it………actually I wasn’t even treated for anything for the first 2 months, maybe three as the CT scans showed the cancer was stable….I trusted him to know what he was doing but should have asked why no biopsy…..Don’t ever be afraid to question your doctor….and if they get mad or irritated due to your questions, then get another doctor!

At my first appointment with my new oncologist, let’s call him Dr. Wonderful, first words out of his mouth were “Have you had a lung biopsy”? And I said no, and he said with your permission I would like to schedule one….And to make a long story short, the biopsy results came back that I had Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer in my lungs…Still very serious, two different types of cancer, MBCA is an easier treatment and your longevity goes up….

I give it up to the good Lord and my wonderful oncology team as the reason I am still standing tall today! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

First Post of 2018

image2Well, golly darn, it’s my first post of 2018 and it’s almost the end of the year!  I look back and wonder where has all of the time gone…YIKES! Thanksgiving is when??  Say what!! I talked with my niece today about what we’ll be having…Her hubby will be cooking the big beautiful bird, and the rest of us will be bringing side dishes, desserts, ect….Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole, Deviled Eggs, Dressing and Giblet Gravy…And of course, no Turkey Day meal can be had without……Cranberry Sauce……I can make a meal off of dressing, gravy and Cranberry Sauce……Be still my heart……..

Still battling that evil “C” disease and but hanging tough. It’s been 2 years and 8 months since I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer in my lungs……They’ve come so far with cancer treatments….I’m thankful to the good Lord above as he is the reason I am still here as well as my oncologist team at Florida Cancer Center, family and friends…..

The passing of our Mom in March of 2017, brought about many changes, especially for me since I had lived with her and taken care of her since 2005…She was in the early stages of Dementia and was doing pretty good…Then reality sets in when she told me one day that two of her friends had stopped by last week to visit her….I asked who and when she said their names it stopped me in my tracks…Both of those friends have been gone for years….I like to think these two “angel”s came down for a visit with her….Sure made her happy…..

I shall close for the night…..Just a few things I needed to share and get caught up on…..

Have a wonderful evening……

Be good to yourself……





After Hurricane IRMA

Well, I made it through Irma without a scratch. I was very lucky…Thanking the good Lord!!  We had a few limbs down, trash in the yard, I lost a small amount of food and my electricity was only out for two days…….others weren’t so fortunate….Loss of life, damage to homes, losing freezers full of food, their pets, livestock and and still no electricity……I can’t imagine…

Being a native Floridian, my experience with hurricanes has been many starting from when I was a little girl, not even aware of what a hurricane was or the damage it could do, I’d simply sleep through the storm. As I grew older, of course, the reality hits that hurricanes are dangerous….Period!

After riding out Hurricane Irma………I’m done….No more, nadda, no way! I’m outta here…those that want to hop on the evacuation train are more than welcome to come along….This old girl has had enough!





Debs Cats N Quilts Retreat

Getting excited! Sunday, September 10th, we leave for Dillard, Georgia for a quilt retreat we’ve been going to for six years……Deb Heatherly, Deb’s Cats N Quilts,  runs a lean well-oiled sewing machine of a quilt retreat. The camaraderie, the food, the comfy beds, the views (mountains right out our sliding glass door), and lots and lots and lots and lots ….did I say a whole bunch of sewing!  I can’t begin to tell you what an awesome time we have. Trust me never a dull moment! For me this is not only a wonderful sewing retreat, but also a celebration of life.  Last year I didn’t sign up for this year as I really wasn’t sure where I’d be with my health……Well, guess what………..WOO HOO!! I’ll be on my way in 3 weeks! Thanking the good Lord and my team at Florida Cancer Center….! More to come!

Be good to yourself!

Estate Sales

Have you ever been to an estate sale? I had not until about six months ago….At my very first one, I felt awkward and out of place…..almost as if I were an intruder. Then it suddenly dawned on me why…..Here I was, going through someone’s personal possessions at the loss of their life…..I had mentioned my feelings to my friend I was with, and a family member overheard me and explained it was okay…..They wanted their loved one’s item’s to go to a new home, be used again and to “live” on with someone else…..I was immediately put at ease and thanked the person…….Sometimes it’s not always death, but a divorce or financial worries, ect., that brings about an estate sale. Irregardless what it is, I now always say a prayer…..I think that’s the least I can do…..




Cancer, Now there’s a word!

Cancer sucks!! No two ways about it! I have it, I hate it, but I’m doing my best to beat it! Dealing with Stage IV Metastatic breast cancer has been the most challenging obstacle I’ve ever faced in my life…….When you’re told it’s not curable, but treatable, you think, at least I did, what the hell does that mean….In a nutshell, I’ll be on cancer medication until……Fortunately, my treatment, right now, is an estrogen based therapy…No chemo yet……I take a pill everyday and an injection once a month……So far so good, the meds are working…………I thank God everyday I’m still here…..

For those of you that have just been diagnosed, for those of you that have been fighting the fight, and those of you that have lost loved ones, I wish you strength and determination and I wish you peace and positive thoughts to settle your mind. May God bless you all on this journey….










Lazy Kind of Week

Hey All,

Other than a doctor’s appointment and a few errands, my week has been relatively quiet… I did get the washing caught up. I do dislike that chore…..a lot!! Glad that monkey’s off my back!

I’ve been craving Chicken and Yellow rice, so guess what’s cooking on the stove as I type…Smelling really good here…I also have some Maduros, Spanish I believe for plantains, which I love, love, with my Chicken and Yellow rice….soooo goooood!

I told ya’ll about my new hobby right….Card making….Well, this is one I made for a request from a stamp group member who’s Mom was turning 90. There was some serious family issues and her birthday wasn’t celebrated like they normally do, so she asked those that would/could, to please send her Mom a card….I really like how it turned out…’s a pic……



This is a stamped image that I watercolored and embellished with butterflies…Sure hope she likes it!

Well, off to the kitchen to finish up supper!

Ya’ll have a great one!

Tis next time!




As I explained in an earlier post, my new hobby, card making, is so much fun! The rose was water-colored with Zig Clean Brush Markers, which are so very easy to use, and they would have to be as I don’t draw or paint. Period. Nada. None. But what I can do, and very well I might add, is watch videos for hours on end on how to water color. Now keep in mind, this is a stamped image. I didn’t draw it, but the coloring, shading, design, ect., was done by lil’ ole me! Here let me turn around and you can pat me on the back….  🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so tickled that I can make these cards now…Before, shopping for cards was a pain. You’re trying to buy the perfect card, with the appropriate sentiment, which is nearly impossible, not to mention very expensive, for a really nice card…So in trying to be frugal and be able to make that perfect card, I purchased nearly $350.00 in card supplies!!
Yep, I am one smart cookie..I guess I showed them huh! Anyhow, here’s a look at my beautiful  inexpensive (yea, right) card!


Last Wednesday I went in for my monthly injection and my blood work. I so love being able to log in, go online and see all my results from my tests. AND, everything looks good, especially my tumor markers! They were down, yet again, to 65….which means the meds are doing their job! I don’t know what the future holds, but you can bet I’m living everyday knowing that one thing in life remains constant and that is HOPE! I give it up to God!! He has been with me through this entire journey! I thank him and the good doctors he put in my life!


I thought I’d give an update on my health status……My last CT Scan 3 weeks ago showed no new cancer growth and that the medicine is keeping it at bay…YES!! I go back tomorrow for bloodwork to check the tumor markers and my monthly injection….

Giving it up to the good Lord that I am still here….

This past Friday I took a card class with some friends and colored in a Laurel Burch horse design….it was the sentiment that came with the card that really resonated with me……..Here’s both…….

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