About Me

Florida native here..Yep, born and raised, a rare breed these days….I am retired from law enforcement and I must say, it was great having a career that I truly loved….and get payed to boot! Ya can’t beat that with a stick!!  I have an awesome son who is 40 and he just resigned from his job as an accountant to pursue nursing…So very proud of him…..Of course, I must mention my dog Pixel, she’s a Yorkie and she makes me laugh everyday…About 4 years ago I moved back home to take care of my Mom…She is 89 now and  has early stages of dementia…Overall, she still does pretty darn good….I’ll put my money on her anyday of the week if you want to challenge her in a game of Wheel of Fortune!!

Sewing has always been a part of my life,  but it wasn’t until 2003 that I took an avid interest in quilting…Prior to that, I did competitive country western dancing…..You will see line dancing in the pics, which is something I taught for over 2o years…My love of dancing, my love of quilting, equals “DancingQuilter…and outside of my love for horses and horseback riding, these two hobbies are my favorite and the good Lord knows, I don’t need any other hobbies…lolol……Unfortunately, I’m not riding now, nor am I dancing…I had to sell my horse when I moved back home to take care of my Mom and dancing is just on the back burner until I have a knee replacement (in December)..Quilting has been a lifesaver for me…..It’s all good….No regrets….Life has it’s way of throwing things at us and we learn to deal….Especially when you get my age and then it’s “whatever”…. I swear I think I am Maxine’s twin sister….Don’t ya just love her….!!

In 1994 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and 18 years later, I am still cancer free…A survivor, of which I am ever so thankful…..Live in the moment folks….as  it can all be gone in the blink of an eye….



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