After Hurricane IRMA

Well, I made it through Irma without a scratch. I was very lucky…Thanking the good Lord!! ¬†We had a few limbs down, trash in the yard, I lost a small amount of food and my electricity was only out for two days…….others weren’t so fortunate….Loss of life, damage to homes, losing freezers full of food, their pets, livestock and and still no electricity……I can’t imagine…

Being a native Floridian, my experience with hurricanes has been many starting from when I was a little girl, not even aware of what a hurricane was or the damage it could do, I’d simply sleep through the storm. As I grew older, of course, the reality hits that hurricanes are dangerous….Period!

After riding out Hurricane Irma………I’m done….No more, nadda, no way! I’m outta here…those that want to hop on the evacuation train are more than welcome to come along….This old girl has had enough!