Lazy Kind of Week

Hey All,

Other than a doctor’s appointment and a few errands, my week has been relatively quiet… I did get the washing caught up. I do dislike that chore…..a lot!! Glad that monkey’s off my back!

I’ve been craving Chicken and Yellow rice, so guess what’s cooking on the stove as I type…Smelling really good here…I also have some Maduros, Spanish I believe for plantains, which I love, love, with my Chicken and Yellow rice….soooo goooood!

I told ya’ll about my new hobby right….Card making….Well, this is one I made for a request from a stamp group member who’s Mom was turning 90. There was some serious family issues and her birthday wasn’t celebrated like they normally do, so she asked those that would/could, to please send her Mom a card….I really like how it turned out…’s a pic……



This is a stamped image that I watercolored and embellished with butterflies…Sure hope she likes it!

Well, off to the kitchen to finish up supper!

Ya’ll have a great one!

Tis next time!




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