As I explained in an earlier post, my new hobby, card making, is so much fun! The rose was water-colored with Zig Clean Brush Markers, which are so very easy to use, and they would have to be as I don’t draw or paint. Period. Nada. None. But what I can do, and very well I might add, is watch videos for hours on end on how to water color. Now keep in mind, this is a stamped image. I didn’t draw it, but the coloring, shading, design, ect., was done by lil’ ole me! Here let me turn around and you can pat me on the back…. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so tickled that I can make these cards now…Before, shopping for cards was a pain. You’re trying to buy the perfect card, with the appropriate sentiment, which is nearly impossible, not to mention very expensive, for a really nice card…So in trying to be frugal and be able to make that perfect card, I purchased nearly $350.00 in card supplies!!
Yep, I am one smart cookie..I guess I showed them huh! Anyhow, here’s a look at my beautiful ย inexpensive (yea, right) card!


Last Wednesday I went in for my monthly injection and my blood work. I so love being able to log in, go online and see all my results from my tests. AND, everything looks good, especially my tumor markers! They were down, yet again, to 65….which means the meds are doing their job! I don’t know what the future holds, but you can bet I’m living everyday knowing that one thing in life remains constant and that is HOPE! I give it up to God!! He has been with me through this entire journey! I thank him and the good doctors he put in my life!


I thought I’d give an update on my health status……My last CT Scan 3 weeks ago showed no new cancer growth and that the medicine is keeping it at bay…YES!! I go back tomorrow for bloodwork to check the tumor markers and my monthly injection….

Giving it up to the good Lord that I am still here….

This past Friday I took a card class with some friends and colored in a Laurel Burch horse design….it was the sentiment that came with the card that really resonated with me……..Here’s both…….

Card Making!

Yep, just what I need a new hobby…a new expensive hobby….Sadly, I am not one to piece-meal things, if I jump, I jump….! For the last 3 months, I’ve been buying up supplies, trying to get them on sale mind you, but even sale items add up. What the heck was I thinking! Now, I not only do not have enough room for my quilting goodies, fabrics, tools, books, machines (yes, plural, I have 5) and other miscellaneous items…15 years worth of items…..Geeeezzz….I have no room to store card stuff!… And guess what? I just ordered more stuff from a stamp swap/selling group..Really cute though….Christmas stamps and baby stamps and…..Well, you get the picture……Hopefully, the fruits of my spending will produce really cute cards..

Here’s a manger scene that will go on a card….One of my first attempts at watercoloring stamps……I found it at Whimsy Stamps online…They have some really really cute stamps, both digital and rubber……

Oops! Didn’t realize my toe was in the picture….! lol



Yes, We Have Pics!!

Figured out the pictures! GOOOOOO ME!! Here’s the Meadow Quilt that I just finished…Hopefully, I’ll get her to the longarm quilter next week…! It’s so big I had to lay it out in the yard on the grass…Not to worry, my grass is lush, green and clean…..Also, policed for critter poop! Hope you like it!


Good Morning!

I sure hope everyone is having an awesome day today…..I’m doing something wrong and can’t get my pictures to post…..Trying this again….Wish me luck!

This is the color of one of my crepe myrtles!!

ย IMG_0068