My Knee Replacement Update

Heading south to Tampa on the 7th for Tampa Bay Line Dance Classic. I am so excited about going! It’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to go…..After having robotic assisted partial knee replacement in March, I am back on the floor…..Thank you Dr. Carlos Tandron, Jacksonville, FL !! 

For those of you that may read this post and are uncertain of having a  knee replacement, don’t be….Do your homework and make sure you have an excellent surgeon (read above) who’s a doctor that does alot of knee replacements, not one just every now and then……and the most important part of having knee replacement surgery is your PHYSICAL THERAPY….Does it hurt? Yep, it does, but it’s bearable and it’s absolutely necessary for the end result to be successful….So glad I had my done and I would do it again tomorrow……


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