Grab and Go Tote

I found this pattern at the quilt show a couple of weeks ago and just thought it was sooooo cute…I purchased the pattern and the vendor told me he also had the same laminated fabric, which I loved, so I purchased that as well…..FYI, laminated fabric is not cheap…I don’t know that I will be making another one, but the tote turned out fantastic!Image

My New Bike

I met my son this morning in Starke who brought my new bike to me…Love, Love, Love this bike – Which is why I affectionately call her “Bella the Bike”….After ooing and ahhing, trying her out in the Walmart parking lot, we went to breakfast at IHop, I do love this restaurant!  I endulged myself in Strawberry Banana Crepes with Cream Cheese filling…Can we say DEC-A-DENT – Sooooooo good…My son had the biggest omelet I think I’ve ever seen. He was only able to half…It was two meals in one for sure!  As soon as I got home, I unloaded Bella and off I went, burning off a few of those calories I had consummed at breakfast……Looking forward to riding on some of our beautiful Florida trails…..Here’s her pic – 


Greek Food and Quilt Shop Hop

Yesterday, 3 of my friends and I, took off for Ormond Beach, Daytona, and Deland, Fl, taking in 4 different quilt shops….We had a great time, bought fabric and other fun stuff, but what topped the afternoon off was having a late lunch at Santorini’s Greek Restaurant in Deland, Fl…Here’s the link to their menu, location, ect…

Now I love Gyros, so that’s what I had, and it was soooo good…BUT, the best on my plate, the side dish, Lemon Roasted Potatoes…OMG!! I am in love with LRP!!  So much so, I’ve found several recipes that I intend to try…Even better, it’s a really simple and easy process, with just a few ingredients….As soon as I find a recipe that is comparable to what I ate yesterday, I’ll post it on here….In the meantime, if you get to Deland, Fl, go to Santorini’s, you won’t be sorry!!!!

Tree City Quilt Show (Gainesville, FL)

Heading out early tomorrow going to the quilt show with my friend Penny….This event showcases alot of beautiful quilts from local artists, as well as from around the state. I plan on taking lots of pics and will post a few on here as soon as I can. Should be a fun day! Until then, everyone have a super day! 

And yet another BOWTUCK purse!!

And I do love them…! Easy to make, very roomy, lots of pockets and so much fun to mix and match, play with the colors and embellish!!  The Gator purse I added a ruffle which is not part of the pattern…The pink flower purse, I added a ruffle and piping!! WOOT! Luh- uh-uv it!!