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Re-Sizing Your Blocks



Half Square Triangles with Size Conversion Chart





Cutting Out Sugar

I have embarked on a journey that is totally beyond my comprehension…….I have decided to give up, or shall I say, try and give up, processed sugars….Huh? Did I say just say those words…Really?  Oh yes, I am a sugar addict…I could eat sweets for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between,,,Sad isn’t it? Even now I still find myself on Pinterest (Oh Lordy, I love this site!) looking at desserts…YIKES!  

It’s been almost a week that I have cut out sugar, probably 95% of what I was consuming, and I am doing fantastic! It may be my imagination, but I’m feeling more energized and have lost a little bit of weight….WOOT!!…Now on a quest to find recipes without all of the processed sugar…Honey and applesauce are two good substitutes….Agave??? Anyone cooked with this??

I found this chocolate oatmeal low calorie cookie made without adding extra processed sugar – I’m hoping it’s a keeper!


Have a great day ya’ll!


My Yorkie, Pixel – She makes me laugh everyday


Update on Deb’s Cats N’ Quilts Retreat

Here’s a little update on our quilt retreat at The Dillard House…….Let me put it simply…BLAST!!! We had such a huge time at the retreat and we’re going back next year…What a wonderful, wonderful time! So many really nice quilters from as far away as Canada…..So many talented ladies in one room…..Oh my goodness, I’m counting the days until we head out again…
I’m doing this posting in a new way, definitely a learning curve with wordpress, but fairly easy, so I’m hoping this all posts correctly…Enjoy the pics!

Projects I’ve Been Working On and Completed


Baked Veggie Egg Rolls

Baked Veggie Egg Rolls – Making these today!!


www.fortheloveofcooking.net is a great website for some great recipes..