2nd Day With My Blog

Okay, starting to familiarize myself with all the ends and outs and I’m finding…….I’m still lost!

Today, I went to our Stitcher’s Garden BOM, discusssed the new block, then Martha from Calico Station in Jacksonville, FL, showed me and another friend the brand new, Bernina 580 Sewing/Embroidery Combo Machine………Ohhhhhh……what a nice machine…Unfortunately, with my champagne taste and a beer pocket, it won’t be sitting on my sewing table anytime soon…However, with that said, I mean really, I only need a machine that sews a straight stitch…Right? ..Hmmmm…WRONG!!  I want one!!!!!

I’ll be posting more about me, more pics, recipes, other fun stuff….

Have a great day!


Just Getting Started

Well, I’m this is my first attempt at having a blogging site and I’m already lost..Let me try and download a picture and see what happens….I checked and that didn’t work…Let me try that again…..